I started Brandon Gun School by placing 12×18 signs all over the Brandon area. I’m sure some of you remember seeing my signs everywhere. I use to drive around Brandon once a week to put signs out promoting Brandon Gun School no matter if it was raining, 98 degrees, or 39 degrees. To this day we still put out signs. After the first year of business we noticed that most our business was from referrals and that was the greatest compliment that anyone could have given me.

Today our number one way of getting customers is through you, the ones that have taken a course at our school. I truly thank you for taking the time to help us continue teaching. Brandon Gun School has been serving the public since 2003. Whether you are new to guns or looking to expand your knowledge of firearms and ammunition, we offer several types of firearms training to cater to ANY skill level.

The female market has increased exponentially and I am very happy to see this trend continue. Thirteen years ago I hardly ever had a female student. Today it is not uncommon to have more females in the class then males. I am very excited to see that trend increase. Being a female myself, I can sympathize with women that are reluctant to take the first step towards firearms. I can tell everyone that I have been treated with the most respect from both genders and I see this respect all the time in the retail gun store. I love teaching and sharing the knowledge that I have gained through out my life. I have met so many people from every state in this country.

It has been my pleasure to assist anyone who has questions about anything in the gun industry. We dedicate ourselves to teach safety with firearms. Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. Keep your finger off the trigger. The only time you should have your finger on the trigger is when you are at the firing line at the range or are part of an unfortunate confrontational situation. Please don’t point the gun at anyone. Assume all guns are loaded at all times. Even if you know the gun is empty, you never point the gun at someone unless you need it to protect yourself or your loved ones. Don’t let anyone point the gun at you, especially a sales person. We have been teaching these ALWAYS rules since opening day of our business, and will continue to teach them with all the support we have received all these years. So, if you find yourself in the school or in the retail section of the store please do not be offended if we tell you to not point the gun at us or keep your finger off the trigger. We all learn by repetition.

This is the list of classes that we teach:

To sign up for any class or for any questions, call Terri at (813) 210-0929 or email me at Terri@BrandonGunSchool.com