Keep your children safe. Introduce them to gun safety. Our junior class is educational, informative and FUN for all children ages 6 to 16. Our class is designed to focus on safety, safety and safety. The curiosity and mystery that surrounds guns is often the cause of accidents involving kids and guns in the home. Our class removes that curiosity and unveils the mystery of guns along with building the confidence needed to be safe around firearms.

Keeping Your Children Safe

Federal Law states if the gun is on you, your children are safe because you are in complete control of the gun. If not on you, you can have it in a locked safe and it can be loaded. If not on you or in a locked safe, the gun has to have a cable lock running through the ejector port and magazine well and locked with the key stashed away from the lock. This is known as the gun being Out of Battery. If you do not have it on you, in a safe, a cable lock running through the action then you are required to use a trigger lock which fits on the trigger and makes the gun unable to be fired.

This is the law. If you get a programmable safe please program it to open with 8 or 10 numbers, not 4. A biometric safe which can only open with your fingerprints is another option. A dial safe is also a good option. Memorize the combination and do not write it down. If you have to write it down, put it somewhere where your children can not get to it.

If you follow federal law your children will not be able to fire the gun. It’s that simple.

Class Cost

The cost for the class is $25 per student, per hour. This includes all activities, supplies and snacks.

To sign your child up for a class or for any questions, call Terri at (813) 210-0929 or email me at