Brandon Gun School offers both male and female instructors for shooting rifle at the range.

Rifle shooting was quite challenging for me because I am left handed and right eye dominate. I can’t change my dominate eye so I had to learn how to shoot a rifle right handed. It did not take as long as I thought it would once I really put my mind to it. Those of you out there that are left handed know we have learned how to adapt to this right handed world. I love bench rest shooting and I am proud to say I am pretty good at it. I have an FN heavy barreled 308Win with a Leatherwood HiLux Scope. I use to compete and I can put 5 bullets in one hole and I mean one hole. The hole measurement is .314 inches. I could not do this with factory ammo, I had to reload my own ammunition. A friend of mine asked the other day, how do you know they were going through the same hole and not just missing the paper all together. A valid question but when your competing you also have a spotting scope. I was using a 308 while everyone else is using a 22-250 which is a smaller hole. Enough about me. We can teach you how to bench rest shoot or shoot a rifle standing. We have rifles we can bring or you can bring your own rifle. Please don’t ask me to bring my FN, because that is not going to happen!! I honestly do not allow anyone to fire that one and only rifle. Florida is hot in case you have not noticed, but we can shoot rifle indoors or outdoors, your choice. Also, if you want to become proficient at shooting rifle for fun, hunting, long range hunting we can help you with that. Long range rifle shooting is the fastest growing type of rifle shooting. Shooting at a 1,000 yards is becoming common while the one mile shooting is becoming the new challenge. Of course the BIGGEST CHALLENGE is finding a range with that distance. If you want to have some fun just buy yourself an AR15 and go to the range.

Class Cost and Length

Cost: approximately $60 per hour plus ammo, range fee. Call for details.
Length: at least Two Hours

To sign up for any class or for any questions, call Terri at (813) 210-0929 or email me at