Learn the fundamentals of rifle and pistol handling

This class is intended for men and women new to firearms who wish to build confidence in handling, preparing and ultimately using their firearm. Topics covered include but are not limited to:

  • Proper stance and grip
  • Sight alignment and picture
  • Breath, trigger control and follow through
  • Loading and unloading

We have a very good selection of pistols to use if you do not yet own a firearm, but we encourage you to bring your own pistol. Please let us know if you will be bringing your own pistol ahead of time. Please be sure the pistol is UNLOADED prior to bringing it to class.

This class is one-on-one and a favorite for new shooters.


Our classes are available at the following times:

Tuesday: 12pm-4pm
Wednesday: 2pm-4pm
Thursday: 3pm-4pm
Friday: 12pm-4pm
Saturday: 3pm-4pm

Class Cost and Length

$35.00 for a one hour session.

To sign up for any class or for any questions, call Terri at (813) 210-0929 or email me at Terri@BrandonGunSchool.com