Q: Do I need to bring my own gun, ammo or safety equipment to class?
A: No. Please do not bring your own gun. We provide the gun and ammo for you, as well as eye and ear protection, sanitized after every use.

Q: Do we need to travel to the range to complete the class?
A: No. Unlike many other classes, we shoot inside the classroom with the provided gun and ammo.

Q: Can my child attend the class with me? Do you provide child care during class?
A: Unfortunately, no. We do not have an area for children to play or otherwise be entertained. They are not permitted to attend class due to the subject matter and length of the class. Children would get bored very quickly. We do offer junior classes separately if they are interested in learning gun safety. See the junior class link above for more information.

Q: Do I need to pay prior to attending the class?
A: No. We do not collect money until the morning of the class. We accept cash, checks and credit/debit cards.

Q: How soon after the class will I get my permit?
A: Currently, the wait for an appointment with the Dept. of Agriculture is several weeks. We recommend that as soon as you decide you are going to take the class, you should call the Dept. of Agriculture Consumer Services in Tampa to make your appointment. You should receive your permit two to three weeks after your appointment.