Through the next few weeks, I could swear Ufraidycat called me Mom. I thought I was being foolish because the word is so close to Meow. I could never tell anyone of this foolish Idea, they would think me crazy. But, day after day, it did sound like Mom. I looked at Ufraidycat and spoke to him saying your meow’s sound like Mom. He spoke and said Mom again. By this time I knew I was not nuts, I knew he said Mom. I looked at Ufraidycat in astonishment and said to him “Did you call me Mom and he said yes! Ufraidycat, can you speak and he answered yes. I was so excited and wanted to share this with all my friends but I couldn’t. How ridiculous would I sound and look. They might even put me in a mental hospital.

The next few weeks Ufraidycat and I had many conversations. I learned a lot about him. He liked waking early in the morning when the outdoors was very quiet, except for the chirping of birds and crickets. He liked walking through the trees and bushes when there was a light dew in the early hours. His favorite bird was a Red Robin and I asked him why, thinking he would say they taste the best. I was very surprised when he said because when they sing it’s like listening to an opera. That did confuse me a bit because I thought to myself, “Has Ufraidycat ever been to an opera?” I debated asking him that very question but decided that would be a conversation for another day.

I found myself becoming more and more anxious to learn more about Ufraidycat. While I was driving home from work, I was so excited to get home and have a conversation with him. Through the next few weeks I learned Ufraidycat could speak other languages. I was so amazed about this new information. I asked him how did he learn to speak English, Russian, Italian, Spanish. He said it was easy because he lived in all those countries. My question was, how did you get to all these places. He said he stowed away on many cruise ships and would spend months in each location. The passengers on the cruise ships were so nice to me. I always had amazing food to eat and just a bit of wine every night. Sometimes I would sneak into the cabins of the passengers without their knowledge and have a very restful night.

His last adventure involved a stop on the Grand Cayman Island form the Cruise Ship. He secretly managed to get off the boat and took up refuge in a 50 year old woman’s backpack. She and her husband were going off on an adventure, and so was he. He could not hear the conversations because all the traveling accessories were muffling the sounds in the backpack. He did realize they were close to starting the adventure. The lady positioned herself comfortably on a seat and set the backpack to her side. The last thing he heard was “HOLD ON” to his surprise they were being lifted and lifted higher and higher. Ufraidycat was a little afraid of heights, so he managed to avoid things like skydiving and parachuting. He peeked one eye out of the backpack a long with his sporty visor on his head and all he could see was the ocean and the sky. He managed to look at what they were in and noted that the contraption was an over sized kite with a rope that was tied to a boat. A boat that appeared to be only a spec in the water. They were still going higher and higher. The laughter that came from the couple helped to keep him calm. But he was scared, really scared. Jumping was not a good idea even though he knew how to swim. He won a Gold Metal in the Olympics last year for his speed in swimming, the backstroke and the breaststroke. The wind was refreshing but it was hard to keep his eyes open because of the speed of the wind and his fear. He wished he had brought his sunglasses. But thought, that’s the least of my worries. He then saw that no one was holding on to the backpack. Panic ran up and down his body.

Stay tuned for more adventures of Ufraidycat

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